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Breastfeeding? – It’s Your Baby, Your Choice

Breastfeeding? It’s your baby, your choice

When I chat with mums I am always conscious how emotive the word ‘breastfeeding’ is. Mums who are breastfeeding or have done so, proudly declare it. Mums who have struggled or chose not to breastfeed can feel as though they have failed or need to justify their choice.

Successfully breastfeeding a baby […]

Are you prepared for the 4th Trimester?

Are you prepared for the 4th Trimester?

You’ve either just had your baby or are eagerly waiting to meet them.  This is one of the most emotional, exhausting and exciting moments in your life.  Nothing compares to the physical changes and intensity of emotions you face through pregnancy and on giving birth.  But it doesn’t stop […]

Welcome Royal Baby

So it’s Prince Louis! I’ve been listening to people chatting about his name, some people like it, some not so!
A name is one of the first marks and imprint we give our newborn. As a new mum I remember feeling quite overwhelmed that we were going to be so responsible for shaping our little one’s […]

Skin to skin with The Rock

Great to see The Rock having some skin to skin with his little girl. I am not a huge fan of a prescriptive birth plan as sometimes they don’t go the way you wish and ultimately parents should wish for a safe delivery whatever method is advised by their medical team. However they are useful […]