Breastfeeding? It’s your baby, your choice

When I chat with mums I am always conscious how emotive the word ‘breastfeeding’ is. Mums who are breastfeeding or have done so, proudly declare it. Mums who have struggled or chose not to breastfeed can feel as though they have failed or need to justify their choice.

Successfully breastfeeding a baby can be seen as a badge of honour, the natural choice.  Yes, our body is designed to produce milk for our babies and yes there are many benefits to be gained from breastmilk such as improving a baby’s immune system.  Is it the only way? No. Breastfeeding is usually always possible but not easy for everyone.  Childbirth complications, tongue ties and lack of early support can all work against even the keenest mother.  For some, it can lead to undue stress and in the worst case, depression.

Support for all mothers

In some cases, better early support could have led to successful breastfeeding. In others, it was a personal choice. It’s simply your baby, your choice.

It makes me sad that a mum’s decision is not always supported and respected. Especially by other mothers, who understand the strains involved in raising small children and juggling other commitments.  Criticism, even well meant, can really affect a new mother’s confidence and add stress at an already exhausting time. A well-supported mum can recover her self-confidence and enjoy those precious early days, whatever her feeding choice.

The ‘right’ way

There are many ‘right’ ways to raise a happy healthy child. Breastfeeding, bottle-feeding or mixed feeding can all allow your baby to thrive.  Access to accurate information to inform your choice and positive support is what’s important.  Let’s all agree to support each other in whatever choice we make.

I can’t remember a job interview when I was asked whether I was breastfed, when I sat up, crawled, walked or when I was potty trained!

Whatever your decision, I can support you in establishing feeding and sleeping routines that work for you and your family.  Get in touch if you want more support for your choice.