Jilly Thompson



Breastfeeding Counsellor,
Maternity Nurse and 
 Post-Natal Consultant

I’m Jilly Thompson a breastfeeding counsellor and a pre and post-natal consultant, also known as a maternity nurse, here to care for you and your baby. My consultancy service meets the needs of mothers and their partners, supporting and advising on aspects of newborn care. I work in Surrey and Hampshire.

Life as a new mother 

Motherhood can sometimes feel daunting and challenging. The rollercoaster ride of immense joy and excitement can be coupled with anxiety and sheer exhaustion. However with the right care, support and advice, concerns can be eased.

It is reassuring to be able to seek advice or discuss questions of care outside the family, routine services and the many books on various methods of childcare. Every baby is different and may not fit the routine suggested. As your post natal consultant I can offer you advice and give you practical support on all aspects of infant care.

Frequently raised concerns:

  • I am having problems getting my baby to latch on
  • My nipples are cracked and sore
  • Why is my milk supply poor?
  • My baby isn’t settling well after a feed
  • My baby wants to feed constantly
  • My baby won’t take a bottle
  • My baby never seems to sleep for any length of time
  • How can I get my baby to sleep through the night?
  • I am so exhausted, how can I find time for myself?
  • I need a routine that works for the family
  • How do I wean?

Do you need Pre-Natal or Post-Natal support?

“Professional, friendly & reassuring…Jilly had a way of boosting confidence at a very emotional time. I would highly recommend her” Salwa, mother of Saleh

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Contact Me: Jilly Thompson

Farnham Maternity Nurse,
Breastfeeding Counsellor and
Post-Natal Consultant

Mobile: 07887 936436
Email: jilly@jillythompson.co.uk