Client Testimonials


“Jilly is amazing! I needed some help with breastfeeding and Jilly helped us greatly. I must admit I was a bit apprehensive to have a FaceTime call instead of a home visit as we live just too far. But the FaceTime session was like meeting Jilly in person. Jilly made me feel at ease, she was really understanding and supportive and her advice regarding our breastfeeding issue was great and helped us improve immediately. And I felt more relaxed, happier and just better about myself after our chat. I can’t recommend Jilly highly enough!”

Lucie, Andover


“Jilly is my breastfeeding saviour! I contacted her when my daughter was 6 weeks old as despite help from midwives and health visitors, breastfeeding was still incredibly painful for me, and however much I didn’t want to. I felt close to giving up. A few changes that Jilly suggested made the world of a difference and almost instantly the pain went. Jilly also helped me establish a routine which gave structure to our day and gave me the confidence to understand my daughter’s needs more. I will forever be grateful to Jilly as I truly believe my start to motherhood would have been very different if it wasn’t for her. Thank you Jilly! “

Emma, Surrey


“Jilly was like Mary Poppins when she arrived at my house, positive, calm and full of information to help my breastfeeding journey. She instilled a sense of calm and confidence back into me when I had begun to doubt my own instincts. She was wonderful, I wish I had got her in sooner. Thank you Jilly!”

Mary, Church Crookham

“Jilly was incredible. She really helped calm things down in the early days and to establish a sense of routine. Her availability was great and the extra support over text message made such a difference. Can’t recommend Jilly highly enough.”

Laura Ann, Alton


“My son was born 6 weeks early and unable to breastfeed from me initially, so I expressed all his feed and bottle fed him. Jilly was able to show me positioning which suited me and also a plan to build him up to a full feed. I would highly recommend Jilly, her calm and clear approach was very encouraging and Oscar is now coming on leaps and bounds. Thank you x.”

Amanda, Odiham


“Jilly provided us with the confidence to take better control of our 4 month old daughters routine using practical advice and encouragement. In a matter of days Jilly’s changes hugely improved her sleeping, feeding and moods and in turn benefitted our family time. Nothing beats her expert and compassionate support.”

Jane, Farnham


“I don’t think I could have persevered without Jilly. She helped give me the confidence and knowledge to feed my newborn son. Jilly was kind enough to answer a distressed text whilst on her family holiday in the middle of the night. She is very personable, supportive and knowledgeable.”

Mariska, Farnham


“I owe my breastfeeding confidence and success to Jilly. Her knowledge and practical advice made me feel prepared for the arrival of my baby girl. I was anxious about feeding until I had my one to one session with her and as a result feeding has been an absolute joy.”

Amy, Fleet


“I have been exceptionally lucky to have been introduced to Jilly at Oak Park Clinic 2 weeks before my 2nd baby was newborn. I had an awfully stressful/upsetting experience trying to breastfeed my daughter and was feeling very anxious about the second time. I met Jilly for a prenatal appointment and left feeling empowered and ready for baby’s arrival. Subsequently Jilly came to see me at home when he was 2 days old and corrected my mistakes before I got sore. I cannot thank her enough or recommend her highly enough!”

Mel, Fleet

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