Post-natal care

A post-natal care visit will generally be at your home but I am happy to arrange an alternative venue or if you’re further afield we can speak on the phone, by FaceTime, WhatsApp or Zoom. I have helped many clients over the years working remotely so I am adapted to teach in this way. I charge by the hour, which gives you flexibility with regards to my visit.  I’m here to help you.

Support and guidance 

My primary role is to support and give guidance on the following areas of newborn care:

  • All aspects of breastfeeding support including positioning, milk supply, and breast care and expressing.
  • Formula feeding
  • Setting a routine for your family life
  • Establishing good sleeping habits
  • Bathing/hygiene for your newborn
  • Following months including weaning
  • General trouble shooting

During my visit, many concerns and queries can be discussed relating to all aspects of care for you and your baby

“As a maternity nurse I deal with both Simple and complex Breastfeeding issues, most of which I can deal with. However when things require a higher level of expertise, Jilly is the person I can call upon to help with clients. Her knowledge is incredible but her sensitivity and calm caring manner set her apart from other experts I have called upon before finding her. I can’t recommend her enough to any women who may need help with any breastfeeding issue.”
Michelle Baldwin, Maternity Nurse

“Professional, friendly & reassuring”

Contact Me: Jilly Thompson 

Farnham Maternity Nurse,
Breastfeeding Counsellor and
Post-Natal Consultant

Mobile: 07887 936436