Pre-natal and
Newborn Care

I am here to care for you and your baby. My pre-natal services meet the needs of mothers and their partners, supporting and advising on all aspects of newborn care. 

Pre-birth visit

A pre birth visit can be arranged to discuss aspects of planning for your baby and what to expect as one adjusts to motherhood. It is reassuring to seek advice or discuss questions of care outside the family, routine services and the many book on various methods of childcare before the baby is born. As your pre-natal consultant, I can offer advice and give you practical support on all aspects of infant care ready for when your baby arrives.

Cost: £70 per hour

If you choose a consultation by telephone/Facetime, this is charged at £60 per hour, broken into blocks of 15 mins, charged at £15.00 per block.

The key to contended breastfeeding workshop

Having a good breastfeeding knowledge before your baby is born ensures you are equipped to get off to a great start.

My course is a complete ‘how to guide’ to fully establish feeding, from the first few hours onwards. This A to Z of breastfeeding, including the anatomy of breastfeeding, antenatal preparation, hand expressing, the first few days, combination feeding, looking after yourself, milk supply, common concerns and remedies and much more. The key to successful breastfeeding is to learn and understand how breastfeeding works physiologically and how to establish feeding when your baby arrives.   

This workshop takes place at your home and lasts roughly 90 minutes. Group bookings are also available. Partners are most welcome.

Cost: £70 per hour

This workshop can also be delivered remotely on FaceTime, WhatsApp or Zoom for clients further afield. This is charged at £60 per hour, broken into blocks of 15 mins, charged at £15.00 per block.

Newborn care is also available following the birth of your baby

“Jilly came to see me after the birth of my 3rd baby. After successfully breastfeeding 2 babies I felt sure the 3rd would be a breeze. However I ended up with sore cracked nipples and mastitis. After feeling deflated and incompetent by my own, I called Jilly who was wonderful. She quickly helped me get back on track and helped me with so many other issues and concerns. Due to her newborn care and support I am still feeding and loving it. Thank you for being there and for your warmth and kindness during a rough few weeks.”
Nicky and Zoe

“Ability to reassure & instil confidence”

Contact Me: Jilly Thompson

Farnham Maternity Nurse,
Breastfeeding Counsellor and
Pre-Natal Consultant

Mobile: 07887 936436