About Me

Maternity Nurse,
Breastfeeding Counsellor and
Post-Natal Consultant


I am able to help you as a qualified post-natal carer, maternity nurse (DPNC/CPNC), an accredited breastfeeding counsellor, having completed the UNICEF Breastfeeding Management Course and the Imperial College Infant Feeding Course. I have also have infant first aid and resuscitation training and am CRB checked. Above all I am a mother of four children myself.  I live in Farnham and work in Surrey and Hampshire.

Why I am a Maternity Nurse

Newborn care has always been a passion of mine having grown up with a mother who was a midwife and health visitor and no doubt this has had an influence on my career.

Jilly’s Family

I have four children including twins, which gives me first hand experience of newborns, breastfeeding, sleep routines, feeding and childcare. More importantly it gives me an understanding of what is needed and of real use to a new mother in terms of preparation before, and support after the birth.

Email me to tell me how I can help: jilly@jillythompson.co.uk

 “With a great sense of humour, Jilly understands babies and mothers  – it was my great luck to have been able to talk and meet with her in those crucial first weeks” Sarah, mother of Arturo

Contact Me:
Jilly Thompson

Farnham Maternity Nurse,
Breastfeeding Counsellor and
Post-Natal Consultant

Mobile: 07887 936436
Email: jilly@jillythompson.co.uk